"This has been a mistake that will keep us occupied for a long time."

Horst Seehofer on the decision to allow refugees entering Germany uncontrolled.

We are not able to prevent the uncontrolled mass immigration of criminal refugees and migrants, coming to us under the pretense to seek asylum.

When these so-called "refugees", after having arrived here in Germany, then start to terrorize the population by stealing, beating up innocent people, rioting, sexually harassing women and girls, raping or killing, then all we are left to do is to learn to bear with this.

We can, however, document each and every one of these so-called "individual cases" and thus, bear witness to this process unique in German history in which the elected representatives of the people betray their own people. The state doesn't function properly anymore: No-go areas in big cities, shariah police patrolling the streets, honour killings and other excesses of parallel societies show this to us every day.

This archive portrays the effort to document systematically the failure of the government with regard to refugees, migrants and integration. The collected data is provided for the public with indication of sources to give everyone who is interested the possibility to see for themselves the disastrous and unacceptable state Germany is currently in.

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Every crime is verified by a reputable source. Circumstances of the crime, location, date, nationality of the perpetrator, as well as age and gender of both the perpetrator and victim, are noted for each record. In addition, each source is archived to order to prove the authenticity of the report in the event the original page is censored.
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Crimes by relevance

Date Crimes City
Police are looking for the Tunisian Anis Amri (24) in connection with the attack on the Christmas market - a reward of € 100,000 has been offered. [Manually translated] Berlin
An Afghan asylum seeker (17) tried to kill several people with an ax and a knife in a regional train. [Machine translated] Würzburg
The 18-year-old German-Iranian Ali Sonboly kills nine people - at least 36 people are injured - after his deed, the perpetrator kills himself.\r\n [Machine translated] München
Terrorist attack - Syrian refugee (27) blows himself with nail bomb - probably inadvertently - into the air. [Machine translated] Ansbach
The Kosovar Fatmir H. (36) strikes with an ax on passersby at Duesseldorfer Hauptbahnhof.\r\n\r\n [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
German-Turkish Aytekin A. (40, double citizenship) cuts his ex-wife (34) in front of a school in Kiel on the helpless day, the throat. [Machine translated] Kiel
Pakistani asylum seeker Abubaker C. (about 26) murdered retiree (70) in her bedroom, while the husband slept in the next room. [Machine translated] Bad Friedrichshall
A Somalian (18) dies in a senior citizen's 87-year-old woman. She is suffocated by her own blood. [Machine translated] Neuenhaus
Mass rape! [Machine translated] Wien
(14,15,16,16,21) raping a 14-year-old, inserting their flashlights and bottles vaginally and then placing them as a piece of dead meat, at temperatures just above the freezing point in the backyard. [Machine translated] Hamburg
The North African Souhayl M. (19) rapes a 90-year-old Kirchgaengerin. [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
Three Afghans (between 16 and 17) rape a 21-year-old woman in the toilets of a station. [Machine translated] Wien
Syrian (21) adds a deadly head injury to his girlfriend (45) with a 60cm-long doen-knife, then attacks another driver (51) and a man (23) [Machine translated] Reutlingen
An asylum seeker from Eritrea (19) cuts (or bites) a Somalian (18, asylum seeker) ears, nose wings, and eyelids. [Machine translated] Schlüchtern
Three teenagers, with a migration background (all 16), have an explosive strike on a wedding community of more than 100 people, in a Sihk temple, when they blast a prepared fire-extinguisher. [Machine translated] Essen


Researched reports on topics such as parallel societies, no-go areas, islamification, crime, refugees, deprived areas, refusal to integrate, etc. You can use the contact form to submit own suggestions of topics for upcoming articles.


Criminals wanted by police. Whoever can provide relevant information on the persons shown please contact the appropriate police department directly.
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte soll als Lieferant für falsche 50 und 100 Euro-Scheine sein. Die Übergabe fand jeweils in unmittelbarer Nähe zu holländischen Grenze statt. Der Lieferant soll im Rheinland wohnhaft sein
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte entreißt mit seinen zwei Komplizen das Iphone SE einer 11-jährige Schülerin, die zuvor noch getreten wurde. Wer kennt diese jungen Männer? Wer kann Angaben zu ihrem Aufenthaltsort...
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte entreißt mit seinen zwei Komplizen das Iphone SE einer 11-jährige Schülerin, die zuvor noch getreten wurde. Wer kennt diese jungen Männer? Wer kann Angaben zu ihrem Aufenthaltsort machen
Wer kennt diesen Täter?
Der Gesuchte entreißt mit seinen zwei Komplizen das Iphone SE einer 11-jährige Schülerin, die zuvor noch getreten wurde. Wer kennt diese jungen Männer? Wer kann Angaben zu ihrem Aufenthaltsort machen

latest entries

A list of the latest reports which have reached us. If you have knowledge of relevant reports, you can send them to us by using this form. Currently there are 23050 crimes in our database. 9600 known crimes are pending for viewing.
Date Crimes City
In the case of person control, a Albanian (25), who is sought for arrest warrant for the execution of the sentence, is arrested. [Machine translated] Gießen
(41) was arrested in a traffic control because he was sought for theft by arrest warrants - by paying the fine of 670 euros, he avoided a 20-day prison sentence [Machine translated] Marienberg
The Tunisian (38) threatens a Libyan (48) with a carpet knife, robbing him of tobacco and coin money. On arrest it turns out that both the perpetrator and the injured person were sought with arrest warrants [Machine translated] Oberhausen
Two South Koreans (about 25) beat a 27-year-old and a helping 22-year-old brutally because the elderly obviously made a remark that did not please the men - they also robbed a mobile phone of the mobile phone [Machine translated] Heilbronn
Three men attack a 26-year-old woman, threaten her, beat her, step into her and rob her. [Machine translated] Magdeburg
An Afghan (31) speaks to a cyclist in the morning at 7:00 am and suddenly hits him with a hammer against his head. [Machine translated] Hamburg
Auslaender (22) sits on the hood of a police vehicle, behaves aggressively against the police officers and insults them - after that, he pulls himself naked in front of them - detention [Machine translated] Offenburg
Three young boys (16-17) from Eritrea are hiding in the trunk of a tourist bus, hoping to be brought to England - the driver alerted the police and the youths were handed over to the youth center [Machine translated] Duisburg
Four teenagers (14-17) from Algeria and Morocco travel by train without a ticket - as police officers want to receive them at the train station, they fly over the railway tracks - but the drivers are still arrested, drugs have also been secured [Machine translated] Flensburg
Albanian (25) on the train controlled and arrested - the man carried 310 grams of stretched heroin [Machine translated] Schwyz
In the control of two Rumaenen (19.21) 300 francs in Muenz come to the front - the origin of the money can not the police men known [Machine translated] Würenlos
Suedlaender shows herself at night of a cyclist in a disgraceful way - then the exhibitionist - the police removed [Machine translated] Nürnberg
Two perpetrators (about 25-30, dark skin color) threaten a 24-year-old with a knife and demand mobile phones and valuables - the person who was injured resisted, the perpetrators took flight [Machine translated] Bottrop
Pole (39) again travels illegally to the Federal Republic, even though he has been expelled from the country after his release of the property, and a ten-year entry ban has been imposed. [Machine translated] Burkau
The police have succeeded in withdrawing six drug traffickers (19 to 28). [Machine translated] Genf