Mord & Terror

Chronologie aller vorbereiteten und ausgeführten Terroranschläge sowie Morde von Flüchtlingen

#1 Hamburg | 14.01.2010
"Allah has shot!" The Sri Lankan-born German citizen Rilwan C. (24) shoots from the backseat the guilty and defenseless taxi driver Peter Luckow (58), with three shots in his head. He is not sentenced to prison, but permanently housed in a psychiatric hospital. The judge also highlights the killer's CV: "Out of difficult circumstances". The parents: separated. School change: five. No graduation. Several stays in child and adolescent psychiatry. And, above all, a lot of experience in alcohol, drugs, crime: Rilwan C. almost strangled one adolescent, scissors the other. He wanted to become a "gangster". He, the reviewers issued an IQ value of 68 - which is commonly considered as feeble-minded. After his father's death in March 2004, he turned completely to radical Islam: "He wanted to kill unbelievers in order to go to heaven." Apparently C. was more and more in wild fantasies of violence against the allegedly threatening "unbelieving enemies" he has in Switzerland weapons and ammunition worried, tormented animals and planned to rape in the public park "grandmas" and tà ¶ten. Many years ago, Rilwan C. decided to lure taxi drivers to a lonely place, rob them, kill them. Rilwan C. is paranoid-schizophrenic and a considerable danger to the general public. Maybe he will never leave psychatry again.