Date Crimes City
22.02.2017 Dark-haired man rams after a dispute a 36-year-old several times a knife into the upper body - the injured suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital [Machine translated] Nürnberg
22.02.2017 An Algerian (28) is arrested for entry control. [Machine translated] Weil am Rhein
22.02.2017 Upon arrival, an Eritrean (17) with a false Italian identity card is arrested. [Machine translated] Rheinfelden (Baden)
22.02.2017 An attentive witness reports two suspicious persons to the police. [Machine translated] Dortmund
22.02.2017 Macedonian (26) is arrested on exit control. [Machine translated] Dortmund
22.02.2017 In the case of vehicle control, two poles (26, 35) are considerably resistant to the police officers. [Machine translated] Bayreuth
22.02.2017 An 18-year-old refugee as well as five young female residents get together in an accommodation - criminal charges are made because of mutual body injuries [Machine translated] Oestrich-Winkel
21.02.2017 Man (about 25, East European accent) as well as two accomplices break up vending machines and beat a witness brutally - the witness suffered serious injuries - the machine resulted in a property damage of approx. 3,000 euros [Machine translated] Heroldstatt
21.02.2017 42-year-old pole is stopped just before the Polish border with a stolen AUDI SQ7. [Machine translated] Cottbus
21.02.2017 Two men (in the South-West and / or Arabian appearance) present themselves in front of a woman as a telecom employee and demand personnel and bank data. When the woman gets stuck, the two of them leave the house [Machine translated] Hameln
21.02.2017 In the case of a vehicle check, an albanian is found with 6,100 grams of marijuana. [Machine translated] Emmerich am Rhein
21.02.2017 25-year-old Syrian is seriously injured in the street - police found two other men (27.52) from Syria as urgent, the 52-Jaehirge could be arrested [Machine translated] Neubrandenburg
21.02.2017 In the case of vehicle inspection, an Albanian with fake Italian papers is arrested. [Machine translated] Emmerich am Rhein
21.02.2017 A Jamaican is arrested during vehicle inspection. [Machine translated] Emmerich am Rhein
21.02.2017 During vehicle inspection, a pole is secured. [Machine translated] Emmerich am Rhein
21.02.2017 Man (about 50, East European accent) asks a senior (77) for money exchange and steals him an unintentionally 250 Euro money from the money [Machine translated] Ravensburg
21.02.2017 Poles (48) were arrested in police control, because of the theft of a warrant of arrest. Polish officials also stated that they did not have a valid driving license [Machine translated] Frankfurt (Oder)
21.02.2017 Five to six people (German speaking with accent) run the WG of two men (23,29), pounce on them without warning and steal jewelry, wristwatches, two game consoles and a smartphone [Machine translated] Siegburg
21.02.2017 Georgian (51) was arrested at the airport because of a particularly serious case of theft, the man applied for asylum in Germany and then retired abroad [Machine translated] Langenhagen
21.02.2017 Civil servants watch Eritrean (39) at the theft of theft and capture him. [Machine translated] Kassel
21.02.2017 Gastarger noticed on his surveillance camera Rumaenen (24) at the break-in. [Machine translated] Hamburg
21.02.2017 Two women (about 35, approx. 70, German with accent or broken German, East European appearance) get under an excuse in the apartment of a senior woman and steal 350 Euro cash [Machine translated] Kassel
21.02.2017 Man (Arabic speaking) does not pay his bill in a restaurant and notoriously interferes with passers-by - when he is arrested, he is also very aggressive - he is sent to a hospital after being treated as a doctor [Machine translated] Heidelberg
21.02.2017 (24) from Somalia, three other persons from Somalia are moving to Germany - advertisements were made due to the introduction of foreigners or because of unauthorized entry [Machine translated] Schwarzbach
21.02.2017 Two alcoholized Eritrean immigrants sexually harass three young women (17, 17, 17) by using them among others. [Machine translated] Mainz
21.02.2017 Suedlaender (about 30-35) tries to break into a family house - a witness alerted the police, but the tamer could escape previously unrecognized [Machine translated] Kaarst
21.02.2017 Two Pakistani \ [Machine translated] Kleve
21.02.2017 South-West (about 30-40) captured with the \ [Machine translated] Seelze
21.02.2017 On entry, a serbin (23) is taken. [Machine translated] Dortmund
21.02.2017 Three South German (ca.16-18) languages ??with a strong accent try to snatch a mobile phone from a 49-year-old man. [Machine translated] Wuppertal
21.02.2017 A South (30-35) blows a man (40) in the face of a verbal conflict and injures him - his accomplice (about 30-35, East European appearance) also threatened the person with a knife [Machine translated] Wiesbaden
21.02.2017 An Eritrean (23) and a Libyan (31) massively sexually seduce two female juveniles at a stop. [Machine translated] Zwickau
21.02.2017 A man of South-American descent hurts an unknown man with a knife, which carries a bleeding wound on his hand - witnesses alerted the police [Machine translated] Ravensburg
21.02.2017 Two asylum seekers (43 \u0026 26) fight with a frying pan and knife in your accommodation. [Machine translated] Bad Saulgau
20.02.2017 North African (about 30) steals the cell phone in a restaurant of a 26-year-old - the tamer returns the thief later, but threatens the person and his companion with a knife when they call the police [Machine translated] Heidenheim an der Brenz
20.02.2017 (45) was arrested on his entry - he was sought by French authorities for trafficking in human beings - on a pretext he lured young women to France and forced them to prostitution [Machine translated] Köln
20.02.2017 Tuerke (42) was arrested by federal policymakers, because he had two arrest warrants because of driving without a driving license and bodily injury. He was able to avert a 93-day prison sentence by paying the fine of 2008.50 euros [Machine translated] Mönchengladbach
20.02.2017 A mocked tamer (presumably an Eastern European accent), as well as an accomplice, enter the house of a man (38) dependent on the wheelchair, shake him, and rob jewelry and cash [Machine translated] Mönchengladbach
20.02.2017 Unknown (about 50-60, East European accent) bikes against a vehicle and causes a property damage - on the basis of an address by the owner (44) the driver aggressively attacks him [Machine translated] Salzkotten
20.02.2017 A Lithuanian (24) is arrested during vehicle inspection of a vans carrier. [Machine translated] Frankfurt (Oder)
20.02.2017 On arrival, a Georgian (33) is arrested. [Machine translated] Hamburg
20.02.2017 Black-African (ca.25-30) shows a 62-year-old female his erect sex part, which he held in his hand. [Machine translated] Donaueschingen
20.02.2017 A Bosnian (31) is arrested in person control. [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
20.02.2017 The Tunisian (30) is placed by the police at the entrance to the house. [Machine translated] Herten
20.02.2017 On the basis of video recordings, a Bosnian (76) was arrested after theft of theft as well as three other women from Bosnia and Herzegovina after theft on the platform. [Machine translated] Mannheim
20.02.2017 Civilians are arresting 15-year-old Moroccans in flagranti during hand-held theft. [Machine translated] Frankfurt am Main
20.02.2017 A 29-year-old Slovakian national is released from adolescents - the man was arrested by federal policemen, and a criminal case for exhibitionist acts was launched [Machine translated] Erfurt
20.02.2017 Two Serbs (24,29) steal a backpack from a man (45) - the two men are reported as asylum seekers and came to Germany only a few weeks before [Machine translated] Kirchhain
20.02.2017 Three men (28,30,43) from Georgia steal in a hardware store five electronic security locks in the total value of 1.755 euro - perpetrators [Machine translated] Münster
20.02.2017 Libyan at the airport because of unauthorized entry or because of violation of the Act of Drugs Act - because he could not pay the required monetary penalty, he was sent into a JVA [Machine translated] Schkeuditz
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