Date Crimes City
21.01.2017 Dark-haired man (about 28) escaped a 30-year-old violently the handbag - in it were the purse with removal papers as well as the woman's cell phone [Machine translated] Stuttgart
21.01.2017 Algerians (23) as well as an accomplice dance a 19-year-old and steal her the money as well as the smartphone - a perpetrator arrested, initiation proceedings because of particularly serious case of theft [Machine translated] Bochum
21.01.2017 Paerchen (man about 35-40, both East European appearance) steer a senior woman in a supermarket by a question, and steal her unintentionally the money [Machine translated] Bad Vilbel
21.01.2017 Three poles (23,44,56, some of them are police-armed) cause a situation at the station and steal a traveler (43). The police can arrest all three perpetrators [Machine translated] Berlin
20.01.2017 20-year-old Albanian wants to enter with fake papers. [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
20.01.2017 On entry control, a Tuerke (57) is first arrested. [Machine translated] Langenhagen
20.01.2017 When a 49-year-old woman comes home, she is surprised by four burglars who immediately escaped. [Machine translated] Frankfurt am Main
20.01.2017 When a 66-year-old in a clothing store leaves her handbag briefly from her eyes, she is stolen from it the moneybooth - previously the lady had noticed two tatverdaechtige presumptuous Eastern Europeans (about 45-50, approx. 70) [Machine translated] Ulm
20.01.2017 A Moroccan (38) is arrested as he attempts to empty his drug stash. He became so violent during the arrest that a police office lost part of a fron tooth. [Manually translated] Frankfurt am Main
20.01.2017 Moroccan asylum seekers (26) are rampaging in their shelter, enter a doorway and threaten police officers at his arrest - as the man injured at his edge, he had to be taken to a clinic [Machine translated] Uelzen
20.01.2017 Man (presumably of Eastern European origin) steals at the loading spot of a supermarket sorted foodstuffs, which were intended for the \ [Machine translated] Oberursel (Taunus)
20.01.2017 Two alcoholized refugees (17, 17) are rampaging in their accommodation and go out to the staff, as they are dissatisfied with their current personal situation - police have to press - the height of the resulting damage is not yet known [Machine translated] Konstanz
20.01.2017 Eastern Europeans (35) does not follow several times and is arrested. In spite of being captured, he can attack an officer in the patrol car and injure him, as well as hit a side disc by a footstep [Machine translated] Gelsenkirchen
20.01.2017 Man (about 50-60, broken German, Eastern European accent) simulates an emergency and steals a helping woman (23) abruptly the money [Machine translated] Maulbronn
20.01.2017 Police-acquitted Algerian (22) steals a 36-year-old from his pocket and takes an attacking battle as he takes back his property - arrest [Machine translated] Hagen
20.01.2017 42-year-old asylum seeker in a community accommodation in a quarrel with a resident and slammed the glass panes of the house and apartment doors of his opponent - 400 euros damage to property [Machine translated] Marktoberdorf
19.01.2017 Three poles (24-28) checked with some partly welded aluminum complete-trader - to the origin of the Raeder made the men contradictory statements - preliminary proceedings on the suspicion of the stolen [Machine translated] Frankfurt (Oder)
19.01.2017 24-year-old Syrian strikes an open 23-year Iranian with the knob of a knife on the back of the head. [Machine translated] Friesoythe
19.01.2017 Rumaene (25) as well as an accomplice want to buy a Porsche Panamera in a car house for 41,500 euros - the seller notes however that the transferred cash was wrong money - arrest [Machine translated] Hamm
19.01.2017 (25) from Cameroon in Zug without a ticket - police officers found in the case of the illegally staying in Germany also a drug advertisement for the sickening of benefits and other offenses reimbursed [Machine translated] Angermünde
19.01.2017 Local residents report to the police that a Somali (18) is jumping on the hood of a parked car - after further offenses, the man was arrested [Machine translated] Landau in der Pfalz
19.01.2017 After a previous offense, a Somali (18) kicks off a 73-year-old pedestrian and runs off - the lady was injured by the fall and had to be taken to a hospital - police take the taeter later [Machine translated] Landau in der Pfalz
19.01.2017 Somalier (18) commits several offenses and occurs in his escape of a 59-year-old while pre-warning on the shinbone - the man could later be arrested, indications for physical injury and material damage were reimbursed [Machine translated] Landau in der Pfalz
19.01.2017 Several police officers are forced to move to a refugee camp, where four Afghans (16-19) have broken loose. An 18-year-old was slightly injured and had to be given medical care [Machine translated] Brensbach
19.01.2017 Four juvenile South Africans get in the way of a 16-year-old, hold him fast, beat him in the face, and chase him to his home address - the boy's mother heard his help calls and could still see the fighters escaping [Machine translated] Bielefeld
19.01.2017 A Romanian (29) is arrested in person control. [Machine translated] Heidelberg
19.01.2017 Three shoplifters, Bosnians, Lebanese and a Turk (from 22 to 31) watched the theft in the hardware store and the police stopped. [Machine translated] Rotenburg (Wümme)
19.01.2017 (21) is being arrested again. [Machine translated] Dortmund
19.01.2017 With the help of the SEK, the police carried out an arrest warrant against a 21-year-old Syrian citizen. [Machine translated] Salzgitter
19.01.2017 Two masked men (about 30) -one spoke to Eastern European accenting taxis (57), threatened him with a gun, pulled him out of the taxi, beat him and finally rob his cash. [Machine translated] Königswinter
19.01.2017 Suedlaenderin - sprachbroken German - gets access to the apartment of an 88-year-old senior woman with Wasserglastrick. [Machine translated] Sundern (Sauerland)
19.01.2017 Pole (25), since he is in urgent need to be involved in the death penalty to the detriment of a pensioner - suspect in investigative detention [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
19.01.2017 Two South Sudders (about 20-25) attacked 48-year-old man, who was on the way to the money deposit at a bank. [Machine translated] Sulzbach (Taunus)
19.01.2017 Nearly 500 grams of hashish with a street value of several thousand euros were found during a routine identity check of a Moroccan (34). [Manually translated] Frankfurt am Main
19.01.2017 Tuerke (18) as well as two other accomplices break into an insurance company and are already providing computers and monitors for transport - the police are still arrested by a witness [Machine translated] Freiburg im Breisgau
19.01.2017 A customer (32) steals a mobile phone from the jacket pocket in a shop (both 28,29), both of which could be arrested [Machine translated] Hamburg
19.01.2017 A Romanian (30) is arrested in person control. [Machine translated] Pirna
19.01.2017 Police rushed with several patrol cars to settle bullying in the refugee camp. In a dispute between an 18-year-old man and three or four opponents (19 and 20 years), the participants were also slightly injured. [Machine translated] Mainz
18.01.2017 23-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan defends himself against an imminent move to a new accommodation - he tears himself several times, steps in and kills the employed officials and injures one by an elbow strike [Machine translated] Leimen
18.01.2017 Suedlaender (about 25-30) breaks into a hairdressing salon and steals cash from the cash desk and a Spardose there - on leaving, he tells a witness that he has only seen the right [Machine translated] Pforzheim
18.01.2017 Refugee (21) from Syria is found after a break-in at a recycling yard with a flat screen TV and is arrested. Other electronic equipment is found in the room of his lodgings. The perpetrator was released. [Manually translated] Schönaich
18.01.2017 30-year-old asylum seeker arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse - according to the current state of investigations he is believed to have raped a 31-year-old female from Dortmund in her apartment. [Manually translated] Dortmund
18.01.2017 A woman (about 40, broken German, East European appearance) in a seniors residency in front of an 85-Jaehirgen before wanting to collect donations and secretly steals her 700 Euro cash [Machine translated] Wolgast
18.01.2017 When the pocket money was paid out, there was a dispute in the refugee camp among the youthful refugees, which had to be carried out. [Machine translated] Lörrach
18.01.2017 Suedlaender (about 25-30) as well as an accomplice give themselves in front of a senior citizen (72) as a coworker of a cable company, leave however fleetingly the apartment as a visit appears - stolen was apparently nothing [Machine translated] Düren
18.01.2017 (47) without residence in Germany caused an alcoholic car at the expense of a rescue vehicle in action - perpetrators until the conclusion of the investigations into police custody. [Machine translated] Hagen
18.01.2017 [Machine translated] Wiesbaden
18.01.2017 Romanian youth (17), a door-to-door clerk from the market station struck the door as he wanted to close the door. [Machine translated] Frankfurt am Main
18.01.2017 A senior citizen (77) is called on the phone by an alleged police officer to hand over jewelry and cash to a man (East European appearance) - the surmounted jewelery and the cash had a value of tens of thousands euros [Machine translated] Stuttgart
18.01.2017 Suedlaender - speaks German with accent- überfaellt play hall, threatens the 47-year-old employee and calls for cash. [Machine translated] Goslar
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