Date Crimes City
17.01.2017 Rumaenin is being watched at the shop theft - in the vehicle of her accomplices is still further stolen property ensured - besides, the vehicle was equipped with stolen number plates [Machine translated] Euskirchen
16.01.2017 25-year-old woman is first of a man -with dark complexion - who then flew. [Machine translated] Ulm
16.01.2017 Man (ca.25-30) - speaks German with a Turkish accent - bustling, threatens the 23-year-old employee with a shotgun and calls for bargains. With the prey, he fled. [Machine translated] Kerpen
16.01.2017 Surprised, homeowner surprised burglar who fled immediately. [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
16.01.2017 In the control of a 24-year-old man from Gambia, the veil detectors find 20 grams of forbidden herbal mixture, marijuana and amphetamine in his carried backpack. [Machine translated] Lindau (Bodensee)
16.01.2017 Two \ [Machine translated] Lindau (Bodensee)
16.01.2017 The South African couple (about 40-45) in a shop, an employee, so that an accomplice 270 euro cash from the cash box could steal [Machine translated] Lennestadt
16.01.2017 Asylum seekers (20) besieged by alcohol and possibly drug users (20) Passers-by police arrest and bring him to a psychiatric hospital for the first-time care [Machine translated] Haiger
16.01.2017 Two men (about 30-35, foreign origin) in a business buying interest in a mobile phone before and steal, when the seller was briefly diverted by another customer [Machine translated] Marburg
16.01.2017 Four Afghans (17-18) and a Moroccan (15) put themselves in the way of a cyclist (32), offended him with his fist in the face and robbed his bike - the injured person can take back his property and escape [Machine translated] Bielefeld
16.01.2017 Suedlaender (about 20-30) tears a senior (91) the act pocket, in which he previously stashed money - by the attack fell the senior to the ground and injured himself [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
16.01.2017 Syrian (34) inflicts three punishments on his brother (32). [Machine translated] Marburg
16.01.2017 Two Lithuanians (24, 25), with several high-quality autos and drugs controlled - since they made contradictory statements on the origin, both were arrested for the suspicion of particularly serious theft [Machine translated] Frankfurt (Oder)
16.01.2017 Federal policemen arrested a Rumaenen (29), who was searched for bodily injury. [Machine translated] Pirna
16.01.2017 Masked tamer (Eastern European accent or Arabic speaking) threatens a cashier in a shopping market with a gun and steals several banknotes from the checkout [Machine translated] Markdorf
16.01.2017 Suedlaender presents himself as an artisan in front of an elderly lady (63), and steers the money away from the house [Machine translated] Hamm
16.01.2017 Suedlaender (about 20-25) gets drunk by staggering movements, opens the passenger door on a holding car and steals the driver (77) from the handbag placed there the moneyboerse [Machine translated] Bonn
16.01.2017 Three youthful aliens steal cash in clothing store. [Machine translated] Hamm
16.01.2017 Two of the South-American women leave small money in a butchery, stealing the money of an elderly gentleman without warning (69) - the theft does not occur until the two deaf women have already disappeared [Machine translated] Braunschweig
15.01.2017 19-year-old man takes two power cuts on the bus, on his way home. [Machine translated] Schüttorf
15.01.2017 Two people from southern Germany (about 25-28, German with an accent) put a passanger (22) on a concrete wall and threaten him with a blow if he does not issue any cash - the injured person had to pay 60 euros in cash [Machine translated] Mainz
15.01.2017 A 19-year-old Eritrean national, who arrived by way of a long-distance train and had already applied for asylum in Switzerland, was determined during the person check-up. [Machine translated] Offenburg
15.01.2017 Man (about 20-25) - spoke with a foreign unknown dialect-touched behind a ballroom a woman immoral. [Machine translated] Metelen
15.01.2017 Man (about 30-40) spoke with Russian accent\r\n [Machine translated] Bielefeld
15.01.2017 Three Arabs (25-30) are repulsed by a 33-year-old woman, snatching her handbag and escaping. [Machine translated] Stuttgart
15.01.2017 Two Eastern Europeans try to fence the terraces of a dwelling-house, however, are noticed by an attentive neighbor - police ask for hints to the fugitives! [Machine translated] Heidelberg
15.01.2017 Police officers inspected a Polish Opel driver (31) - as he showed, the man had consumed drugs before driving, and he did not have a driving license [Machine translated] Hamm
15.01.2017 Pole (23), because he had an open arrest warrant for theft - since he could pay the required fine of 570 euros, he was spared a 50-day prison sentence [Machine translated] Frankfurt (Oder)
15.01.2017 Suedlaender reaches for the handbag of a 52-year-old woman. [Machine translated] Düren
15.01.2017 Alcoholic Croatian (47) tries to steal a bottle of shampoo in a shop - the clerk detects the clumsy theft, takes the perpetrator and transfers it to the federal police [Machine translated] Frankfurt am Main
15.01.2017 Bulgarians (43) were arrested in a cross-border bus, because of the theft of a warrant of arrest against him - since he could pay the required fine of 573 euros, he was allowed to continue his journey [Machine translated] Pirna
15.01.2017 Three Suedlaender (about 30) snatch a handbag from a woman (43), take out a smartphone as well as 500 Euro cash and throw the handbag to the ground - all the perpetrators are fugitive [Machine translated] Kassel
15.01.2017 Three young boys (around 12-15) put themselves in the way of a cyclist (58) and steal her the sports bag from the luggage carrier - Taeter escape with the spoils [Machine translated] Offenbach am Main
15.01.2017 Employees of the Deutsche Bahn watch six graffiti-sprayers and inform the federal police. [Machine translated] Berlin
15.01.2017 Civil servants watch Algerians (40) in the bagpipe of a 30-year-old man and arrest him. [Machine translated] Hamburg
15.01.2017 Suedlaender (ca.35-40) has obviously stabbed a 33-year-old man in an argument and severely injured. [Machine translated] Stuttgart
15.01.2017 Using the fingerprints the identity of a wanted one could be found\r\n [Machine translated] Karlsruhe
15.01.2017 Dark haeutiger man (ca.20-30) escaped in the train as he stopped one\r\n [Machine translated] Bad Salzschlirf
15.01.2017 Iranian male (27) violently tries to force a 43-year-old brothel employee to have sex against her will. After being banned from the premises he returned, intending to attack the 56-year old brothel operator with a knife. Unsuccessful, he fled and was later arrested. He was remanded in custody. [Manually translated] Nürtingen
15.01.2017 22-year-old Moroccan is disturbed during a break-in, restrained and handed over to police. Stolen goods from a pick-pocketing incident found on him were returned to the owner. In addition, he was carrying a stolen cellphone. Arrest warrant was issued. [Manually translated] Ibbenbüren
15.01.2017 Five Syrian children or rather teenagers (11-14) sexually harasses two girls (12, 13) at a public pool - they werre touched indecently while in ??the dressing rooms - police were later able to identify the perpetrators [Manually translated] Krefeld
15.01.2017 Syrian (33) steals smartphone from a sleeping passenger on a suburban train - the smartphone from a further victim was also found when he was captured - three further thefts were attributed to him following evaluating of security videos. [Manually translated] Hamburg
15.01.2017 North Africans (about 20-30) sit down in the car with a man (29), threaten him with a gunshot, and leave mobile phones and moneyboots out. Taeter then flees with the spoils [Machine translated] Kassel
15.01.2017 Five Eritrean citizens (21-30) get into a physical conflict in their accommodation - two persons (21, 22) are injured by a beer jug ??or a glass bowl on the head [Machine translated] Idstein
15.01.2017 A Lithuanian citizen (31) tries to steal a perfume worth about 69 in a drugstore - a detective detects the police, the judge orders an investigation [Machine translated] Stuttgart
15.01.2017 Five Kosovars (between 21 and 28) were observed when entering a doctor's office. [Machine translated] Bremen
15.01.2017 A man (25-30) with a dark complexion, possibly North Africans or Syrians robbed a 63-year-old with his knife and fled. [Machine translated] Mannheim
15.01.2017 A dark-haired man (about 30-35) overcame a 26-year-old man and suddenly struck him in the face. [Machine translated] Mannheim
15.01.2017 Tuerke (32) holds a revolver to a 20-year-old man and threatens him. [Machine translated] Offenbach am Main
15.01.2017 26-year-old Eritrean is caught with an invalid ticket. This led to a tussle. As he struggled on the ground with a member of the Railway Security Service he apparently pulled the truncheon out of the 39-year-old's holster and tried to attack her and her 19-year old colleague. [Manually translated] Poing
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