Date Crimes City
26.02.2017 Two Black Africans (about 30) hold a 36-year-old woman, search them and get rid of the injured 25 Euro as well as a silver watch of not inconsiderable value. [Machine translated] Stuttgart
26.02.2017 Man (about 35, presumably Eastern Europeans) can be taken by taxi to an address, then threatened the taxi driver and escaped him the money [Machine translated] Hamm
26.02.2017 Three South Slaves from a five-headed group beat and kick one\r\n [Machine translated] Freiburg im Breisgau
25.02.2017 Two dark-haired men's languages ??sound Arabic\r\n [Machine translated] Ulm
25.02.2017 26-year-old man meets an 8-strong group of teenagers. [Machine translated] Mindelheim
25.02.2017 41-year-old man is attacked and beaten without reason by a black-African. [Machine translated] Maulburg
24.02.2017 Man (ca.45-50) - spoke broken German - asks a 64-year-old man for change money for the parking ticket machine. [Machine translated] Tübingen
24.02.2017 DNS material led to theft in a restaurant to one\r\n [Machine translated] Nürnberg
24.02.2017 On entry, Georgians (34) are arrested. [Machine translated] Langenhagen
24.02.2017 During vehicle inspection with two Georgians (31.42), extensive stolen goods worth several thousand euros are found. [Machine translated] Schweinfurt
24.02.2017 Algerian (21) is caught by theft and handed over to the police. [Machine translated] Schweinfurt
24.02.2017 Two Arabs beat two young men (18, 19) threatening them with a knife and rob them of their mobile phones and money bills. [Machine translated] Schacht-Audorf
24.02.2017 28-year-old man is attacked and beaten in front of a disco from a group by an Eastern European. [Machine translated] Gießen
24.02.2017 In the case of a person's check on black, an 18-year-old Syrian rides out and scandalously pronounces \ [Machine translated] Dortmund
24.02.2017 In a raid with about 50 people of Turkish or Afghan descent and a smaller group of three Italians and one German, three persons of the smaller group are injured. [Machine translated] Limburg an der Lahn
24.02.2017 Attentive police officer takes 20-year-old Bulgarian in flagranti at bagpipe theft. [Machine translated] Luzern
24.02.2017 Two men (38.36) are attacked by a Syrian (36) with a knife and slightly injured. Another Syrian had to be taken into custody because of his resident behavior [Machine translated] Plauen
24.02.2017 Woman (36) is found dead - a Romanian (36) from the personal environment of the woman was arrested, as the suspicion of the offense against him - Taeter in JVA [Machine translated] Haslach im Kinzigtal
24.02.2017 Macedonian (25) was checked on a resting place, whereby he was under the influence of intoxicating means [Machine translated] Neu Wulmstorf
23.02.2017 Warning before trickdieb.Mann wanted to have changed 2 euro. A pensioner brought out his Portemornaie and the Taeterstahl him the notes, which the victim could but the man take off. [Machine translated] Bad Segeberg
23.02.2017 At the edge of refugee shelter, there is a dispute between about 50 Gambian and Albanian asylum seekers. [Machine translated] Heidelberg
23.02.2017 A group of four to five people can be attacked by an individual. [Machine translated] Freiburg im Breisgau
23.02.2017 A Romanian (24) is arrested during vehicle inspection. [Machine translated] Sittensen
23.02.2017 A Romanian woman (32) is arrested in person-control, since he had violated his conditions of probation. [Machine translated] Angermünde
23.02.2017 Suedlaenderin (ca.40) uses the opportunity as a young man (30) in the payment process at a gas station, his mobile phone deposited. [Machine translated] Öhringen
23.02.2017 Suedlaender (ca.24-30) is strikingly close to a 21-year-old woman. [Machine translated] Heidelberg
23.02.2017 Eastern Europeans (about 40) are six bottles of high percentage. [Machine translated] Friedrichsdorf
23.02.2017 When two refugees were arrested in the provincial police station, one of the opponents was beaten unconsciously and had to be taken to the hospital with a rescue vehicle. [Machine translated] Donaueschingen
23.02.2017 In an argument between two Algerians, one Syrian (18) and one Egyptian (19), the 30-year-old Algerian was seriously injured. [Machine translated] Trier
23.02.2017 Two men, one described as a South (about 20), steal mobile phones and money bills from the changing rooms of a sports hall. [Machine translated] Mannheim
23.02.2017 Two Rumaenen try to sell in a shop supposedly high-quality mobile phones. [Machine translated] Arnsberg
23.02.2017 Suedlaender (about 30) follows a 29-year-old woman and addresses her. [Machine translated] Mindelheim
23.02.2017 Suedlaender (about 18-20) escaped from a 47-year-old woman her handbag and flew with the booty. [Machine translated] Frankfurt am Main
23.02.2017 Three men (32-45), two of whom are from Romania, are caught stealing, arrested and handed over to the police. [Machine translated] Schlüchtern
23.02.2017 Two Albanian citizens are being arrested in a housebreak - both were transferred to a JVA [Machine translated] Buxtehude
23.02.2017 Mann -er spoke broken German- is a 66-year-old pensioner from behind and calls for cash. [Machine translated] Grevenbroich
23.02.2017 Policemen take three in a broken-down mobile home\r\n [Machine translated] Hamburg
23.02.2017 Afghans (56) shows himself to a 54-year-old woman in a shameful manner. Police could arrest him. [Machine translated] Unterföhring
23.02.2017 Financial control Black-market activities take place in a massage parlor for five Thai women who are illegally residing in the Federal Republic. [Machine translated] Leinfelden-Echterdingen
23.02.2017 After a verbal dispute, Syrian (24) proposes a countryman (38) with a beer bottle. [Machine translated] Plauen
23.02.2017 Arabs (about 20) takes a young woman by the arm and asks for her phone number. [Machine translated] Friedrichshafen
23.02.2017 Two young men (16-18) -with dark complexion-threaten a snack barber with a gun and demand cash. [Machine translated] Westerkappeln
23.02.2017 Two men (Russian accent) hold an alcoholic man (56) and pull him the money bag from the bag - then they push the man to the ground and escape [Machine translated] Stuttgart
23.02.2017 Black Africans tried to capture cash at a gas station with the \ [Machine translated] Schopfheim
23.02.2017 Two residents of the refugee camp are rampaging and are using chairs. [Machine translated] Sigmaringen
23.02.2017 Suedlaender (ca.16-20) - spoke broken German - jammed a 21-year-old man and asked his moneyboerse. When the 21-year-old refused this, the unknown pulled a folding knife out of the pocket and pushed it towards the young man. [Machine translated] Hemmoor
23.02.2017 After a wild persecution, drug-abusers were able to arrest two South-Eastern Europeans (26.36). [Machine translated] Lemgo
23.02.2017 After investigation, an Afghan (22) is arrested. [Machine translated] Ilshofen
23.02.2017 Two men (about 20) - one of them with a dark complexion - attacked a 27-year-old woman, threatened her with a gun and took her handbag. The woman was then asked to come with the masked air. [Machine translated] Karlsruhe
22.02.2017 Four alcoholicized Moroccans are going on in a pedestrian underpass - in the course of the Schlaegerei a 25-year-old is injured by a 19-year-old countryman [Machine translated] Sigmaringen
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