Date Crimes City
Police are looking for the Tunisian Anis Amri (24) in connection with the attack on the Christmas market - a reward of € 100,000 has been offered. [Manually translated] Berlin
An Afghan asylum seeker (17) tried to kill several people with an ax and a knife in a regional train. [Machine translated] Würzburg
The 18-year-old German-Iranian Ali Sonboly kills nine people - at least 36 people are injured - after his deed, the perpetrator kills himself.\r\n [Machine translated] München
Terrorist attack - Syrian refugee (27) blows himself with nail bomb - probably inadvertently - into the air. [Machine translated] Ansbach
The Kosovar Fatmir H. (36) strikes with an ax on passersby at Duesseldorfer Hauptbahnhof.\r\n\r\n [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
German-Turkish Aytekin A. (40, double citizenship) cuts his ex-wife (34) in front of a school in Kiel on the helpless day, the throat. [Machine translated] Kiel
Pakistani asylum seeker Abubaker C. (about 26) murdered retiree (70) in her bedroom, while the husband slept in the next room. [Machine translated] Bad Friedrichshall
A Somalian (18) dies in a senior citizen's 87-year-old woman. She is suffocated by her own blood. [Machine translated] Neuenhaus
Mass rape! [Machine translated] Wien
(14,15,16,16,21) raping a 14-year-old, inserting their flashlights and bottles vaginally and then placing them as a piece of dead meat, at temperatures just above the freezing point in the backyard. [Machine translated] Hamburg
The North African Souhayl M. (19) rapes a 90-year-old Kirchgaengerin. [Machine translated] Düsseldorf
Three Afghans (between 16 and 17) rape a 21-year-old woman in the toilets of a station. [Machine translated] Wien
Syrian (21) adds a deadly head injury to his girlfriend (45) with a 60cm-long doen-knife, then attacks another driver (51) and a man (23) [Machine translated] Reutlingen
An asylum seeker from Eritrea (19) cuts (or bites) a Somalian (18, asylum seeker) ears, nose wings, and eyelids. [Machine translated] Schlüchtern
Three teenagers, with a migration background (all 16), have an explosive strike on a wedding community of more than 100 people, in a Sihk temple, when they blast a prepared fire-extinguisher. [Machine translated] Essen
Two Lebanese asylum seekers (21, 26) send their lodgings, each holding a knife to the throats, to extricate their passports for a home holiday. [Machine translated] Hameln
Libyans (27) and Moroccans (23) attack a 40-year-old man and throw him and his bike into the track bed of a suburban train station. [Machine translated] Dresden
The Moroccan Abderrahman L. (35) commits 20 offenses in 5 months. [Machine translated] Dresden
Suedlaendischer Sextaeter tugs 14-year-old girl into the bush and rape her! [Machine translated] Döbeln
Man (25-30) with foreign. [Machine translated] Kaiserslautern
Afghan (18) kills his girlfriend (21) after an argument - Paramedics declared the woman dead on the scene. [Manually translated] Hamburg
An Iraqi (24) pours boiling hot water over the head of his sleeping wife (18) - then he injures her severly by massive strokes on her head. It is assumed that the young woman intended to break up with him - she was taken to a specialty hospital and still isn't fit to be questioned. [Manually translated] Mainz
A Tunisian (35) breaks into a home and and starts raiding through cabinets. When a 18 year-old female resident wakes up, he kicks and strangles her, and rapes her multiple times. As the mother and her boyfriend get aware of the scene the perpetrator flees, chased by the boyfriend who apprehends the rapist. Police later detains the violent Tunisian resisting arrest. [Manually translated] Stuttgart
Iraqi (26) enters the home of a disabled man (63), kills the defenseless man, and assaults him several injuries - a postman finds the victim the next day - the perpetrator could be arrested when he was a soldier in the case of a theft [Machine translated] Hof
A male juvenile refugee (17) from Gambia stabs a refugee (18) from Afghanistan in the middle of the street. Special police forces arrest the offender in his accommodation. Homicide division are investigating. [Manually translated] Ludwigsfelde
Two girls (14,18) are sexually compelled respectively raped in a public swimming bath by two refugees (14, 34) from Afghanistan - the two perpetrators were arrested immediately and brought before a judge Two Afghan refugees, ages 14 & 34, rape two girls, ages 14 & 18 in a swimming pool. They were immediate arrested. [Manually translated] Norderstedt
The naked lightness of a US student (25) is discovered in her home - as a cause of death is suffocated ascertained - as an asylum seeker from Gambia could be determined, he was arrested in his asylheim [Machine translated] Wien
Local residents call the police when they hear suspicious noises from an asylum seeker's home. The police find a lifeless, blood soaked woman (24) lying on the ground. They also find her husband (31), from Afghanistan, with blood all over him. He is then arrested. [Manually translated] Ludwigshafen am Rhein
In a number of first-time recording facilities, there are massive battles over the course of the Christmas festivities, in which several parties are injured. [Machine translated] Hamburg
An Iraqi refugee (33) sneaks up behind a woman (30) and holds a knife to her throat as he asks her for money. The same Iraqi, in a different case, rapes a 55 year old woman at knife point. She was admitted to a hospital with serious injuries, the assailant remanded in custody. [Manually translated] Heilbronn
Man (broken German) pulls a woman (26) from the bicycle, drags her into a forest piece and rape her - the person who suffered sustained severe back injuries and was immediately given emergency surgery [Machine translated] Emmen
The women of a 30-year-old Syrian woman are found in the street, while their Syrian husband (36) proved to be a deceiver - the man is now in prison, and investigations into murder have been initiated [Machine translated] München
Accused of two Syrian camels, T.H.J. (24) and Azad R. (22), on suspicion that he had been involved in combat operations for the foreign terrorist organization \ [Machine translated] München
A male asylum seeker (33) drags an elder lady (60) taking a walk in a bush and rapes her. Police is able to arrest the offender after intensive investigations. Due to the suffered psychological consequences of the offence the victim continues to be under a physician's care. [Manually translated] Beilngries
Arabs (27), who has already been imprisoned for attempted rape of a 17-year-old, tried to rape at least two more women a year before. [Machine translated] Forchheim
A recognized refugee (40) from Eritrea rapes a 79-year-old lady in a graveyard - the offender accepted his arrest without resistance - the victim received medical treatment immediately. [Manually translated] Ibbenbüren
A Tunisian (27) tries to rape a 17-year-old. [Machine translated] Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Mering
Kosovare (37) stabs his wife (36), who is working there, with a pocket knife and places her life-threatening injuries in the head and neck area, after which the police officer turns up [Machine translated] München
A Moroccan (31) drags a woman (26) into a vacant building and rapes her. Furthermore, he threatens her so she has to carry out sexual acts on him. They had met before in a restaurant and left together. [Manually translated] Hamburg
After a disagreement, a presumptuous South-East European (about 18-25) stabs a 31-year-old with a knife in his stomach and hurts him hard - an emergency surgery rescues his life - Taeter fleeting [Machine translated] Ulm
After an argument a Serb (46) controls intentionally his vehicle into a crowd - five people were injured, two of them seriously women - then stabbed the perpetrator with a screwdriver on a person [Machine translated] Bünde
A young woman (24) is raped by an unknown man - an asylum seeker (29) vom Nigeria is identified by police as a suspect - the man is currently in custody. [Manually translated] Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
Murder: Latino Men (40-50) stabs a 45th man - the victim died at the scene - an immediately initiated search for the fugitives went far unsuccessfully [Machine translated] Hannover
Lebanese (36) kills his girlfriend and (26) with multiple stab wounds - despite immediate supply by Rettungskraefte the woman died in hospital from their injuries [Machine translated] Bocholt
Against the 27-year-old Ashraf Al-T. [Machine translated] Karlsruhe
An Afghan refugee (17) has been arrested for sexual assault on a young woman (21). He is also under urgent suspicion for having committed four additional sexual assaults during the same week. [Manually translated] Meppen
Adult refugee makes sexual activities with a child (3) to play a refugee center. [Machine translated] Olpe
A refugee (24) from Gambia breaks into a house - he overpowers a female resident (50), bites her shoulder and arm and assaults her sexually. During another burglary of the same property police is able to arrest him. [Manually translated] Sigmaringen
Man (about 45-55, about 130kg, strong tan skin, probably foreigners) rips a woman (50) to the ground, you pull your pants down and raped her - then from escaping the perpetrator [Machine translated] Traben-Trarbach
An Afghan (55), who had already left his wife (46) in 2012, and was already threatening to blow up his family, killed his ex-wife with several stabs, and succumbed to her injuries the following day. [Machine translated] Münster
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