Date Crimes City
Police are looking for the Tunisian Anis Amri (24) in connection with the attack on the Christmas market - a reward of € 100,000 has been offered. [Manually translated]
The Afghan asylum seeker Riaz Khan Ahmadzai (17) tried to train in regional train several people with an ax and a knife to kill the SEK commando the terrorist He confessed to the Islamic state who lived in a German family of care leader was a Chinese family who served as tourists [Machine translated]
Terrorist attack - Syrian refugee (27) blows himself with nail bomb - probably inadvertently - into the air. [Machine translated]
The 18-year-old German-Iranian Ali Sonboly kills nine people - at least 36 people are injured - after his deed, the perpetrator kills himself.\r\n [Machine translated]
The Kosovar Fatmir H. (36) strikes with an ax on passersby at Duesseldorfer Hauptbahnhof.\r\n\r\n [Machine translated]
A 17-year-old Afghan was arrested. He is accused of raping and subsequently murdering a 19-year-old female medical student. DNA traces from the crime scene provide supporting evidence for his culpability. [Manually translated]
Freiburg im Breisgau
A Moroccan (26) is arrested in a refugee home near Leipzig by special forces of the LKA Im alleged to have prepared an assassination attempt in Berlin - on the Russian Embassy Motivation seems to be the Russian support of the Assadian government in Syria Already on 8 February, [Machine translated]
A Ghanaian who is illegally residing in Germany (31) is overpowering young couple at the camp, threatening the two with an astaege with which he cuts the tent wall, and rape the 23-year-old woman before the eyes of her 26-year-old friend [Machine translated]
Pakistani asylum seeker Abubaker C. (about 26) murdered retiree (70) in her bedroom, while the husband slept in the next room. [Machine translated]
Bad Friedrichshall
An asylum-seeker from Eritrea (19) stabs a Somali (18, asylant) with two knives in his throat, bites the auricles and nostrils, and then cuts his eyelids and pencils into his eyes [Machine translated]
A Somalian (18) dies in a senior citizen's 87-year-old woman. She is suffocated by her own blood. [Machine translated]
A jealous Muslim, Chechen immigrant (31) stabs his wife 19 times, then throws her out of the window of the apartment, on the second floor, then to go to the door and cut her throat. He was of the opinion that she would [Machine translated]
The turkish Bulgarian Svetoslav S (28) takes the student Jana K (26) abruptly down the stairs from behind. Consequences: Armbreak, headspace wound and bruises Because of attested reduced guiltiness (IQ 67, drug consumption), he gets only 2 years, 11 months prison [Machine translated]
Asylum seeker from Nigeria (27) stabs a 22-year-old woman in the head and neck and leaves her on the ground to bleed out. The woman dies. Cause of death: blood loss. The Nigerian was at large but was searched for. We was arrested at Basel station on 14.02.17. [Manually translated]
German-Turkish Aytekin A. (40, double citizenship) cuts his ex-wife (34) in front of a school in Kiel on the helpless day, the throat. [Machine translated]
The devilish, drug-dependent, police-minded Tunisian Faouzi A (37) killed the couple Hadia (32) and Ali T (37), also Tunisians. He hit the two with a hammer unconscious and stabbed them with a knife. As a kitchen helper he smashed [Machine translated]
Pakistani Qaisar S (38), who has been convicted several times, drags a 19-year-old woman into a smoking room, pulls her hair, bumps her against a game machine, and brutally brutally brutally bites her several times into the lips â € \ [Machine translated]
Over 100 adolescents with various immigration backgrounds, many of whom have already been arrested by police, make social struggles over social networks. Alone in an S-Bahn, the police control 84 young men The police take eight into custody. Weapons have been carried out against all persons who have been investigated for serious land break [Machine translated]
The North African Souhayl M (19) rapes a 90-year-old woman going to church. He drags the woman behind the church in the old town into a narrow passage between two houses and rapes her. He chokes the woman and threatens her: "Be quiet - otherwise dead". A martyrdom begins for the woman. When the rapist leaves the woman, her body is littered with bruises and wounds, she has abdominal injuries. Then the tormentor takes her handbag, writes down her address from her identity card and steals her home key. Before the act he had consumed alcohol, cocaine and ketamine. He was identified by DNA traces and had already been in provisional detention because of robbery. He already has several criminal records in Spain and therefore came to Germany in 2016. [Manually translated]
A Kurde (26, Turkish nationality) kills a 45-year-old jogger and rapes her so brutally that she temporarily loses consciousness and the police Muenchen forms a murder commission and classifies the act as an attempted killing offense [Machine translated]
Three Afghans (between 16 and 17) raping a 21-year-old woman in the toilet of a train station One of the men grabbs and holds her while the two others rape her one after the other. They press the woman firmly to the ground with her upper body and her head. Then they beat the woman's head repeatedly against the toilet and flee. [Manually translated]
Syrian (21) adds a deadly head injury to his girlfriend (45) with a 60cm-long doen-knife, then attacks another driver (51) and a man (23) [Machine translated]
A 14-year-old boy is stabbed on the Ostersonntag or killed with an ax A violent contest, between several Bulgarian-speaking Taetern and the father the boy, which was led with knives, an ax and an iron rod apparently toedlich The 14-year-old wanted his father [Machine translated]
A group of 50-60 youngsters of the most North African appearance affected and threatened 300 passengers of a regional train in Italy Some beleaguered girls, other bruises alcoholicized the passengers and insulted them, slotted seats, delivered bungles and devastated the toilets Carabinieri did not get the situation [Machine translated]
Croatian (51), after more than 100 breaches with prey worth a total of 175 000 â,¬ caught in flagranti He always rose at night when the inhabitants were at home; [Machine translated]
An Egyptian (39) stabs his wife (32) in the common apartment. She dies on the spot. A pawn (44.45), also present, is also badly injured by the perpetrator, but the condition is stable The Children of the Dead (11 and Kindergartenalter [Machine translated]
A North African / Arab (about 20) is knocking down a jogger (40) with a brick, so she had to be treated with a hand and a jaw in the hospital. He stole her jacket and mobile phone [Machine translated]
A \ [Machine translated]
The German-Eritrean GHADAMME B (60) hits Brigitte J (68) on the balcony, with a foot massage device, a metal flower stand and a fire basket nearly dead before he ramps a knife into her breast The police had to break up the apartment, [Machine translated]
Frankfurt am Main
Man (dark skin colour) attacks a woman, takes forcibly sexual acts against her / rapes and injures her - police search with phantom image after the perpetrator. [Manually translated]
Three Eritreans rape one after the other a woman from Hungary The three perpetrators were arrested, arrest warrant was issued. [Manually translated]
Libyans (27) and Moroccans (23) attack a 40-year-old man and throw him and his bike into the trackbed of a suburban train station. With kicks, they prevent him from reaching the platform The emergency stops of a locomotive driver could be prevented [Machine translated]
A man (about 40-50, presumably Turk) offers a young woman to drive her home from the restaurant "City Pub". She agrees, but instead of driving her home he drives to the car park Schönebürg and raped her. It is possible, that she has "left something" to him, because she is HIV positive, as well as hepatitis C positive. The sex offender is searched by the police. [Manually translated]
\ [Machine translated]
 € žI am a Muslim I can do this â € œI am a Muslim, Fucking Policeâ € The Palaestinian Hakim B (31) attacks two teenagers (14,15), hits one of the two in the face and asks for money This passed 3 Euro coins, [Machine translated]
A sex offender of southern origin grabs and pulls a 14-years old girl into a bush and rapes her. An older couple hears the cries of the girl and proceeds to stop the criminal act. [Manually translated]
Man (25-30) with a foreign accent asks a woman for fire, then he beats her brutally with fists to the ground and rapes her. Police seeks for witnesses. [Manually translated]
Syrian (22) rapes a woman (32) in her apartment, when she wanted to watch a movie with him - the woman got to know the Syrian perpetrator already several months ago - now he is sent into prison. [Manually translated]
Three young men (dark / brown skin type) beat and joined the 17-year-old Niklas P, leaving him a few days later. The main defender, Walid S (20), was acquitted in May 2017 because of contradictory testimonies [Machine translated]
Two policemen / students (16-year-old German-Bosnian, 16-year-old Serbe) want to pull off somebody late in the evening and do this with Julian M (25) coming from his work (Koch-Azubi) [Machine translated]
Iranian (28) waits for a 27-year-old woman in front of the toilet. After she comes out, he pushes her back into the cabin, and demands loudly a sexual intercourse. The victim cries out loud for her boyfriend, who came to aid. The perpetrator was arrested and brought into provisional detention. [Manually translated]
An Iraqi (24) pours boiling hot water over the head of his sleeping wife (18) - then he injures her severly by massive strokes on her head. It is assumed that the young woman intended to break up with him - she was taken to a specialty hospital and still isn't fit to be questioned. [Manually translated]
Iraqi (26) enters the home of a disabled man (63), kills the defenseless man, and assaults him several injuries - a postman finds the victim the next day - the perpetrator could be arrested when he was a soldier in the case of a theft [Machine translated]
A male juvenile refugee (17) from Gambia stabs a refugee (18) from Afghanistan in the middle of the street. Special police forces arrest the offender in his accommodation. Homicide division are investigating. [Manually translated]
In a supermarket a "Refugee" (40) performs sexual acts on an 11-year-old child. The sex offender is released again! Witnesses sought. (And what are "sexual acts"? Has he caressed its hair or tried to penetrate him in a corner?) [Manually translated]
(47) from Iraq is carrying a pensioner (53) and stuffing a sweater into his mouth, where the man suffocates later - in addition, the perpetrator smuggled 300 refugees for at least 3,000 francs per capita to Europe [Machine translated]
The women of a 30-year-old Syrian woman are found in the street, while their Syrian husband (36) proved to be a deceiver - the man is now in prison, and investigations into murder have been initiated [Machine translated]
Accused of two Syrian camels, T.H.J. (24) and Azad R. (22), on suspicion that he had been involved in combat operations for the foreign terrorist organization \ [Machine translated]
A male asylum seeker (33) drags an elder lady (60) taking a walk in a bush and rapes her. Police is able to arrest the offender after intensive investigations. Due to the suffered psychological consequences of the offence the victim continues to be under a physician's care. [Manually translated]
An Arab (27), who is already imprisoned for attempted rape of a 17-year-old girl, tried to rape at least two more women months before. [Manually translated]
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